We’re the Bees Knees, but don’t take our word for it, hear from our Landlords and Tenants…


Our Landlord testimonials

The best part of the service are the people! There was an openness, honesty and transparency. Not about what they could get out of the transaction but more so the business relationship.

S Tettey

Every time I have an issue, I call and it gets sorted - really easy.

K Mackin

The bumblebee service was swift, all questions raised were promptly answered and everything done to my satisfaction.

S Shah

Bhumesh was very efficient! Overall a quick, easy & efficient service!

S Arjan

Very professional, straightforward and efficient service

Y Gokcimen

A friendly, straightforward, professional and accommodative process.

C Anayogu

Very happy with the service, very efficient

T Pau

Everybody was very professional, polite and sensible.

P Allaman

Brilliant, trustworthy - paperwork reached me on time, communicative - Nufel was great.

O Ifekoya

Our Tenant testimonials

The best part for me was that everything was quick, from seeing the property to moving in.

L Askel

The service from Bumblebee as an agency has been very good. Been looking for a property for a while, but as soon as this property came through I was matched to it. Really happy.

S Lynch

Process has been smooth! Bumblebee has responded to issues, our property manager is always there to respond to our calls.

O Olawaye

Loved the Bumblebee service!

A Charlene

Really happy with the property & my rental payments

R Sanchez

Very pleased with both the service and Bumblebee staff

K Levin

The process of signing up was super easy, so pleased

Z Shaheen

The process of renting with Bumblebee has been fairly easy, everyone has been helpful towards me

G Nkrumiah

Really good to be renting from them, would do it again & recommend to others!

M Dari